Yes, Good Robotic Orthopedic Surgery Do Exist




Let us introduce you to the world of robotic knee replacement surgery

Let us present you to the world of robotic knee replacement surgery, an advanced technology that is changing knee care. Our innovative robotic arm innovation includes Cuvis Robotic Knee Replacement system. These innovations are particularly designed for Knee Replacement Surgery Using Robotics. Furthermore, this innovation not just provides you much better outcomes however also uses you quicker recovery.

We are glad to use you a personalized knee replacement utilizing robotics under the expert cosmetic surgeon in this field i.e. Dr Pramod Bhor. Together the advanced technology and surgical quality help us in offering you with personalized treatment for each patient.

During the surgery, the robotic system assists Dr Pramod Bhor by providing him with real-time ideas and guidance. These treatments help you with careful preparation and correct implant placement. As a result, it gives you remarkable precision and patient satisfaction.

Moreover, to improve patient comfort and lower recovery time, knee replacement surgery with a robotic arm specifically concentrates on Minimally Invasive Robotic Knee Replacement strategies. When it comes to the expense of robotic knee replacement, we focus on delivering much better treatment and enhanced patient experience.

We believe in offering quality Knee Replacement by Robotic Surgery, by using patients high standard outcomes. The vast array of knee care consists of Knee Replacement with Robotic arm, Knee Replacement Surgery with Robotics, Orthopaedic Robotic Knee Surgery, and Partial Knee Replacement Surgery.

Acquire Reliability and Effectiveness for Your Robotic Knee Resurfacing Right Away

Much better Accuracy

You can get a total knee replacement using robotics with a phenomenal level of accuracy and accuracy because of robotic-assisted knee surgery. This robotic's AI enables the execution of this accuracy.


Depending upon your knee, the Robotic Arm Assisted Knee Replacement was developed to operate within certain bounds. This reduces the opportunity of unforeseen harm to delicate tissues.

Minimal Trauma

Overall Knee Replacement Robotic Surgery takes a minimally intrusive method, guaranteeing that smaller sized incisions cause less injury to surrounding tissues, blood vessels, nerves, muscles, and ligaments.

Rapid Recovery

The use of Robotics in TKA can decrease bone cutting and the amount of soft tissue around the joints that are dissected, which will accelerate and boost healing.

Meet Dr. Pramod Bhor: Your Expert Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeon in India!

Dr Pramod Bhor is one of the widely known Robotic Knee Replacement Surgeons Near Me. He is an Orthopaedic Surgeon (MS from Dr. D.Y. Patil Medical College and Hospital in Pune). With more than 21 years of remarkable treatment, Dr Bhor is presently placed as the Director of Orthopaedics and Joint Replacement at Fortis Hiranandani Hospital in Vashi, Navi Mumbai. He has actually carried out over 3000 surgical treatments, in his professional journey while also mastering a wide variety of Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery, consisting of joint replacement, injury, spinal column, arthroscopic surgery, and minimally intrusive techniques.

Because of his exceptional commitment and proficiency in advanced innovation, Dr Bhor is referred to as the very best Robotic Knee Replacement Doctor near Me. Apart from the clinical work; Dr Pramod Bhor has actually committed more than 10 years in mentoring the MBBS and PG students. His proficiency not just ends here, but he is also proficiency in Complex Robotic Surgery of Knee and hip, Arthroscopic Knee Ligament Surgeries, and Spine Surgeries. Due to this reason, he is Robotic Knee Replacement in India considered the trusted authority in orthopaedic care. Moreover, Dr Bhor is actively connected with the prestigious medical councils and orthopaedic associations.

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